Innovators West Fox Body Harmonic Balancer Internal Balance

Innovators West Fox Body Harmonic Balancer Internal Balance
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The #204 Balancer is designed for use in internally balanced SBF engines. The Balancer utilizes the stock late model 4 bolt pulley pattern and the spacing matches the 86-93 Mustang accessory system. This Balancer is best matched for stock or modified engines producing up to approximately 1000 hp Naturally Aspirated (up to 1500 hp with power adder). For applications over 1000 hp NA please look at the #207 Race Balancer. For applications over 1500 hp with a supercharger please look at the #213 Super Duty Damper.

NOTE: For engines using a Jesel belt drive, you will need to order the standard length hub and then have the hub shortened .200″ in order to keep the front face of the damper in stock location for serpentine accessory alignment.

  • NOTE: The Blower Hub option is a thicker hub that provides greater resistance to hub cracking on supercharged applications (12# of boost or more). This option includes a new custom made timing cover seal to adapt the oversized hub to a stock timing cover.

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