Trick Flow 225 Hi Port Cylinder Heads (Solid Roller) - FREE SHIPPING

Trick Flow 225 Hi Port Cylinder Heads (Solid Roller) - FREE SHIPPING
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Trick Flow® High Port® 225 cylinder heads are specifically designed for large cubic inch small block Ford engines as well as engines with high-boost superchargers or turbos, big shot nitrous oxide systems, and other mega-power combinations. They feature unique valve spacing, .750" raised exhaust runners, extra strong castings and thick decks for additional rigidity and gasket integrity, superior cooling characteristics, and most importantly, excellent airflow. Top-of-the-line CNC Competition Ported runners with a high resolution surface finish provide maximum airflow and power over the entire rpm range. The entry into the intake runner has been reshaped to help seal the area along the port roof and thicker port walls increase strength and provide additional material for porting. Plus, interlocking ductile iron seats are used to handle the stresses of high heat, high horsepower applications. Other features include fully CNC-profiled combustion chambers with port-to-valve seat blending (bowl blending) and raised valve cover rails.

  • 58cc or 70cc Combustion Chamber
  • .700 Max Valve Lift  (Solid Roller) 
  • Includes Titanium Retainers 
  • 2.080 in. Intake Valve Diameter 
  • 225cc Intake Runner Volume 
  • 95cc Exhaust Runner Volume 
  • Standard Intake Port Location 
  • .750 Raised Exhaust Port Location 
  • 1.560in Outside Diameter of Outer Spring 
  • 10 Degree Locks 
  • 7/16th Rocker Studs 
  • 5/16th Guide Plate Pushrod Size 
  • 20 Degree Intake and Exhaust Valve Angle 
  • Perimeter Valve Cover Mounting 

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