Shorts Blocks

Fordstrokers, Liberator shortblocks have proven extremely popular and most importantly very durable for 1000's of customers. Below you will find a wide selection of our shortblocks that are sure to fit your needs. Please keep in mind, all of our custom built shortblocks can be customized in any fashion to fit your particular needs. Fordstrokers is NOT a "one size fits all" engine shop. Simply contact us to request any changes you may need or want, we want you to have the best possible chances to succeed!

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Dart SHP 8.2 & 9.5 Machined Blocks

Dart SHP 8.2 & 9.5 Machined Blocks

Fordstrokers is happy to announce a new addition to our lineup of fully machined, ready to assemble ..


Liberator Dart 331/347/363 Shortblock

Liberator Dart 331/347/363 Shortblock

Here we have our Dart block based Liberator short blocks. These short blocks are for the guys that h..


Liberator Dart 408/427 Shortblocks

Liberator Dart 408/427 Shortblocks

This high quality dart 351 based dart shortblock is built with all brand name aftermarket parts. It ..


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