About Us

Just a short rambling about us here. My name is Jim I own and run fordstrokers almost single handedly. I opened fordstrokers after opening my small block ford tech forum. I figured I could not only sell parts at competitive pricing but one thing I could do better than any other mail order-internet parts house was provide superior customer service and the needed tech help.
 Try calling one of the major parts houses and ask them a specific 347 stroker question Good luck with that. Ya they ship your products for free, yes they have massive amounts of buying power when it comes to pricing, BUT they don't have the experience or technical know how to help you! That's where I thought I could gain your business. Friendly, knowledgable tech help along with fair pricing. That's my motto and I stick to it.

Thanks for listening to my rambling and feel free call the shop anytime. The person that will answer your call is ME.

Jim W

34 Years and Counting

Tore apart my first fox body in 1989, what a time.

No Nonsense, No Bullshit

Accurate technical help, anytime you need it.

All Work Done In House

Your engine machined and built by ONE guy. ME