Jesel Sportsman Series Aluminum Shaft Rockers KSS-516060 (AFR, 1.6)

Jesel Sportsman Series Aluminum Shaft Rockers KSS-516060 (AFR, 1.6)
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Sportsman Series Benefits

  • Reduced friction over stud rocker arms helps to create additional horsepower.
  • Creates an extremely stable valvetrain at any RPM.

  • Corrects rocker geometry, diminishes guide wear and maintains lash.

  • Saves money and time by reducing necessary engine maintenance.


Sportsman Series Standard Features

Shaft Needle Bearings
Full compliment needle bearing assembly operates with minimal lubrication while distributing load evenly over shaft surface.

Pressed Pin Nose Roller
Securely retained .520” diameter Tool Steel Nose Roller operates with less friction and decreased valve guide wear.

Centerless Ground Shafts
Precision ground and heat treated Tool Steel shaft provides years of durable service.

Shotpeen Finished
Machined from custom blended 2024 aluminum designed to resist fatigue from stress and hot operating conditions.

Valve Spring Relief Pocket
Ball mill machined to provide additional clearance between rocker body and valve spring. SB systems clear up to 1.550” spring and BB systems clear up to 1.625” spring.

Billet Steel Stand
Provides a stable and rigid mounting surface for shaft rocker assembly.

Profiled Rocker Tail
Increases clearance for valve cover while also reducing the rocker’s moment of inertia.

Tool Steel Lash Adjusters
CNC machined, heat treated alloy steel lash adjusters have been proven through years of abuse in our Pro Series Rockers.


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