K1 Crankshafts

K1 Technologies produces "RACEREADY" crankshafts at very affordable prices. K1 crankshafts are a cut above the average imported crankshaft. They are made to K1 designs and are held to some of the tightest accepted tolerances in the racing industry. More attention is shown to finish work than comparable products. All K1 crankshafts are made from 4340 material; core hardened for increased tensile strength and fatigue life and are 100% mag particle inspected. Bearing surfaces are polished and nitrided for wear resistance. K1 crankshafts have quickly become a huge favorite for performance application builds.

K1 4.000 Forged Steel Crank (3.00) 011FAD400

K1 4.000 Forged Steel Crank (3.00) 011FAD400

K1 Technologies forged crankshafts offer world-class design that's affordable. Their energy transfer..

$649.00 $936.80 -31%

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