Jesel Pro Series Aluminum Shaft Rockers KPS-470191 (TFS 11R)

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The excellent mechanical properties inherent to our custom blended 7000 Series aluminum alloy allows for the design of an extremely durable and lightweight valvetrain assembly. Tensile strength of our custom blended alloy at 300° far exceeds that of the less expensive, industry standard 2024 alloys. Low moment of inertia along with FEA designed bodies ensures that lobe lift is not wasted due to rocker body deflection.    

Standard Shot Peen Finish
Induces an even, compressive stress layer in the surface of the rocker body. Increases the resistance to fatigue failures. Adds compression strength and stress relieves rocker body.

Available Rocker Bodies

A. Solid Body
1.650 Pivot BB Rocker / Weight: 210g
Our strongest rocker body. Intended for use with high cylinder pressure applications such as nitrous and blowers.

B. Mohawk Beam
1.650 Pivot BB Rocker / Weight: 195g
Our stiffest lightweight body. Lowest moment of inertia ideal for extremely high RPM valve control and extended spring life.

C. Standard Slot
1.650 Pivot BB Rocker / Weight: 202g
Our default lightening program. Provides for a stiff body capable of controlling the valvetrain at high RPM.

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