Mahle Forged Pistons for Kasse P38 Heads with Rings

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Mahle's PowerPak piston assemblies include forged pistons, piston rings, pins, and wire locks--all in one race-proven package. The pistons are hand-deburred and then coated with dry phosphate to protect against ring micro-welding and pin galling during initial startup. For additional performance, Mahle added its proprietary Grafal anti-friction coating to the piston skirts. Low drag rings, steel pins, and round wire locks complete the Mahle PowerPak package.

.927 Pin

  • 1.090 Compression Height Options -

4032 Forgings =  Flat Top/4.030 Bore, 20cc Dish/4.030 Bore, 10cc Dish/4.125 Bore, 24cc Dish/4.125 Bore

  • 1.165 Compression Height Options -

4032 Forgings = Flat Top/4.030, Flat Top/4.125  2618 Forgings = 16cc Dish/4.030 Bore, 20cc Dish/4.125 Bore

  • 1.245 Compression Heights Options -

4032 Forgings = 20cc Dish/4.030, 24cc Dish/4.125 Bore  2618 Forgings -  33cc Dish/4.030, 33cc Dish/4.125

Grafal Coated Piston Skirts

Dry Phosphate Coated

1.5mm-1.5mm-3.0mm File Fit Moly Ring Set

Hand Deburred

Pin fitted German steel pins noted for their high strength, light weight and durability

Round Wire Locks

CNC Machined Piston Crowns

Forced Pin oiling with Machined Oil Drain backs

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