Total Engine Airflow 225 CNC Ported High Port Cylinder Heads (Hyd or Solid)

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Titanium Retainers :

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These High Port® 225 heads feature 225cc intake runners and 2.080 in. intake valves for 340+ cfm of flow (at 0.700 in. lift), 58cc or 70cc CNC-profiled combustion chambers, and 1.600 in. exhaust valves that allow 257+ cfm to exit through the 95cc exhaust runners (at 0.700 in. lift). Other features include bronze valve guides and interlocking ductile iron intake and exhaust seats.

  • 58cc or 70cc (milling also available for custom combustion chamber size)
  • PAC Hyd Roller Springs (up to .650 lift)  or PAC 1225 Solid Roller Springs Available (Up to .800 lift)
  • Steel Retainers Included with the Hyd Roller Springs (option to upgrade to ti retainers)
  • Ti Retainers Included with Solid Roller Springs
  • 7/16th ARP Rocker Studs

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