Innovators West SN95 Harmonic Balancer Internal Balance

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The #205 damper is designed for use in internally balanced SBF engines. The damper utilizes the stock late model 4 bolt pulley pattern and the spacing matches the 94-95 Mustang accessory system. This damper is best matched for stock or modified engines producing up to approximately 1000 hp. For applications over 1000 hp please look at the #207 race damper.

Inside the light weight billet aluminum cover is a free floating wet friction clutch pack assembly that utilizes spring loaded inertia rings to dampen crankshaft harmonics over a wide RPM range. The rings work in conjunction with clutches to provide outstanding dampening action. That action does generate some heat, and we use a small amount of fluid inside that acts as a lubricant as well as dissipates heat to the outer body.

****If you choose the flying magnet crank triger option please include the following in the notes section (under delivery method) when checking out -

  • Block Brand (5/16" or 3/8" timing cover holes)?
  • What Engine Management (Fast, BS3, Carb, etc..)?
  • Stock Timing Cover or Belt Drive Timing System (if belt drive, which brand)?

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